Saturday, January 22, 2022

Credence Education And Welfare Society

Promoting Digital Education. Education For All. Food For All. Cloths For All. Shelter For All. Indian Army Welfare Fund. Covid19 Awareness Program. Road safety Awareness Program. And many more.


Welcome to the future of DIGITAL WORLD. CREDENCE EDUCATION AND WELFARE SOCIETY PRESENTS SHIVASHAMBHU, founded in 14 January 2020. creating SIKHSHA SABHYATA SANSKAR for Young Generation of Haryana and India. By the time came and We faced Covid LockDown Situation, This Platform Created a history in terms of EDUCATION which created a unique engagement between the youngsters in terms of BHAJAN/MANTRA/CHALISA and many more. Now It's A Part Of Credence Education Of Welfare Society and will Serve Everyone in terms of Education. SHIVASHAMBHU Operates A NON-PROFIT Network Of Digital Education Websites and Social Media Platforms covering Religious information in English, Hindi, And Other Local Languages. The Organisation has its headquarters and the Development Centre located at Gurugram (Haryana). SHIVASHAMBHU Is Strongly Backed By A Highly Experienced Team. Further with the help of Credence Education And Welfare Society, It Plans To Start NON-PROFIT Live Streaming on DTH/OTT Platforms.


SHIVASHAMBHU as the name says itslef, Covering the Entire World's Hindu Religious Information in terms of Education and Entertainments. Where Young Generation Comes and Gather More Information in and around the world in their own Style Nature And The Way they try to Gasp Knowledge. Mission is to Engage more and More Young Gen. in terms of Learning. SHIVASHAMBHU Intends to grow its Religious Information Platform by developing a network of VOLUNTEERS. To Develop Local And National Approach By increasing Visibility. Provide high class, management Educational Services to the Young Leaders from smaller towns.


Vision Is To Promote Hindu Religous Education. And To Educate The Last Person Standing Alone In The World through It's SikhSha Sabhyata Sanskar Project.


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Young Volunteer'sContribution

Our Talented Young Volunteers Contributed On Our Platform. Showing Their Talent In Terms Of Writing And making Videos.


ShivaShambhu is A Unique Digital Platform Which Promote Religious Education. It also Provide Many services Related To Digital Media For The Betterment of Our Society.